Covid - 19 Safety Measures

All staff and visitors are requires to follow the safety measures below

A safety mask with a carbon filter must be worn at all times when not consuming food and drink. Please ensure your mask is on before entering the venue.

Keep 2 meters apart whenever possible to ensure social distancing. This includes not blocking the entranced exit points at the venue.

Use hand sanitises provided when entering and leaving the venue. Regularly sanitise your hands especially after blowing your nose, sneezing, coughing, before and after eating or drinking and after using digital devices.

Making phone calls is not permitted inside the venue or toilet area. Please make calls outside the venue except in an emergency in which case please call 999 immediately.

In an emergency, for example an accident or fire, people do not have to stay 2 meters apart if it would be unsafe to do so.  

In between every appointment the room and equipment will be fully sanitised.

All payments will be made at the venue using a card reader which will be sanitised after every use. There will be no exchange of cash.

All requests forms must be completed in full and returned before the appointment.


All your belongings must be kept in your bag when not in use.


Bringing your own water bottle or drinking container is advised. 

No hands-on contact is required but if requested then staff will wear gloves.

Please read Covid-19 information for The Good Health Practice here and Cherry Tree Therapy Centre here

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