What is Reiki?

Reiki is an energy healing complementary therapy.  The word Reiki pronounced as (ray - kee) comes from the Japanese word (Rei) which means universal life and (Ki) which mean energy. It is a technique where the practitioner connects to the energy life force and uses it to activate the body's own healing abilities. The therapist is merely the 'conductor' whilst the body performs the healing and brings the whole person (mind, body, spirit and emotions) into a state of balance.


How does Reiki work?

Due to the stresses of modern-day life we all can incur many blockages in our energy system, that is, body, mind and emotions - thus, causing ailments in our body. Reiki breaks down any blockages, encouraging the patient’s energy to flow more easily. When the energy flows easily, the body's able to reduce anxiety, reduce stress, manage emotions and feel energised.

When we are stressed the body goes into 'flight or fight' mode. This can produce the hormones cortisol and adrenalin. Short bursts of these hormones are important for when you are , for example, faced with a bear and need a quick getaway. However, too much of these hormones and for long periods of time can cause stress in the body which can lead to blockages and eventually, over a period of time, dis-ease. Reiki, can send the body, mind and emotions into relaxation and sometimes deep relaxation (all depending on how relaxed a person wants to feel) causing a break down in these blockages and an increase in the flow of energy. The body recognises this and activates the healing process. 

What and how will I feel during a treatment?

Everyone is different so people tend to feel different sensations during a treatment. Some of the things you may feel are: tingling, feeling of heat, feeling of cold, numbness and sometimes waves of goose bumps down you body.

Some people have reported seeing different colours whilst their eyes are closed.

Some people tend to fall asleep, especially if they lay on the table. 

 But don't worry the body always knows when the treatment is over and wakes naturally.

What happens during a reiki treatment?

Before a reiki treatment you will complete a client confidential form.


We can have a chat about your reasons for the treatment or we can get started immediately. This is up to you. I work intuitively so I feel your energy field to see where your energy is low. So even if you don't tell me your areas of need, I will be guided by the energy to know what areas I need to work on. I use the energy field as a guide to help my work.

You will lay on the table. Some clients prefer to be covered in a cosy blanket whilst others prefer the coolness of the air. If you prefer to sit on a chair, that will work just as well.

When the treatment begins I will start at your head and work my way down the rest of the body. I usually place my hands on your shoulders, under your head, hips, thighs, knees, legs and feet. However, reiki can be done without touch and is just as effective. As I am working with intelligent energy, it will go to the areas of need, automatically.

I will let you know when the treatment is complete and you will be given some refreshing water.

We will then have a quick chat about your experience. 

How can I benefit from reiki?

Are you someone who suffers from low mood, insomnia, mood swings, emotional outbursts, anxiety, stress?


If so, then, through deep relaxation


Reiki can
Reiki can also
  • Improve Sleep

  • help you regulate emotions

  •  energise and rejuvenate

  • reduce the symptoms of anxiety and stress. 

  • Sport injury recovery

  • improve immune system

  •  improve overall wellbeing

  • reduce pain

  • change attitudes and improve mental wellbeing

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